27.1 - Winter/Spring 2015

2014 Gulf Coast Prize



  • 12 Things I Know about the Life of Poetry by Tony Hoagland (Features)
  • [Poisoning the Birds] by Leslie Harrison 
  • Unthank Park, Portland Ore. by Hajara Quinn 
  • Elegy where Small Towns Are [...] by Matthew Olzmann 
  • Addling by Alicia Rebecca Myers 
  • Two poems: The Shadow, and The Red-Haired Puppet by Cyrus Cassells 
  • Two poems: Fishhook, and Upon Seeing the Knife by Hafizah Geter 
  • Tippi of Africa by Diana Khoi Nguyen 
  • Bat House by Billy Merrell 
  • Night at Ocean Corner and Women by Lü De'an 
  • Two poems: Jonestown, 1978, and Two at the Edge of a Pool by Aníbal Cristobo 
  • Two poems: Hard Soft Bodies, and Exuent by Emily Wolahan 
  • Two poems: Sentimental Education, and Barchan by V. Penelope Pelizzon 
  • Two poems: Georg Trakl in the Green Sun, and The Minotaur by Dorothea Lasky 
  • Landscape with Citrus and Centuries by Lynn Melnick 
  • Two poems: Bicycling Ice Cream Man, and Radishes and Any Small Thing by K.A. Hays 
  • Two poems: If Country Music Was People: Interior, and Some Girls I Know, Late One [...] by Corey Zeller 
  • Contradictions in the Design by Matthew Olzmann 
  • Another Letter to the Soul by Melissa Kwasny 
  • Two poems: Alone on the Ark with Sirius, and The Cycle of the Dragonfly by CJ Evans 
  • Two poems: Golden Hour, and Coincidentia Oppositorum by Camille Rankine 
  • Memento by Rachel Linnea Brown 
  • Erotic Soyuz by Philip Metres 
  • Engagement Party, Georgia by Raena Shirali 
  • Three poems: Mexa’ bidó’, and La Mesa De Santos, and Altar by Natalia Toledo, trans. Clare Sullivan
  • Two poems: Parade, and Leaving What You Had Wanted to Sow by Hajara Quinn 
  • Weeping by Ross Gay